Chipmunks' Development Tools for Minecraft/Forge Mod/Pack Development

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Chipmunks’ Development Tools for Minecraft/Forge Mod/Pack Development


The /cdt hand command for example will get a formatted Description ID of the item in your hand and automatically copy it to your clipboard as long as you are holding an item. Let’s say you are holding cobblestone. Running /cdt hand will put minecraft:cobblestone into your clipboard.

Or, you run /cdt hotbar; will iterate through each slot in the hotbar, find the items in the hotbar and will put each Description ID in your clipboard. Example: You have cobblestone, an apple and furnace in your hotbar. This will put the following into your Clipboard (each item is on its’ own line):


Empty slots are technically minecraft:air; however, we treat this as an empty slot and ignore it.

For the argument inventory; it will get each item in the players upper inventory. Argument fullinv will do both the hotbar and upper player inventory.

This is useful for modders/modpack makers who may need to do common tasks without having to manually enter each item description id. The true power here is when you are using an IDE/text editor that supports multi-line editing.

More features will be implemented in the future; however, this is all that is necessary at the moment.

Please feel free to put in a feature request through the issue tracker (feature suggestions are not guaranteed to be implemented).

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